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Applicability of Terms

These terms and conditions apply to regulate the online payment made for the service provided by the Department while issuing Passports from the Department under expedited service. The Department of Passports (DoP), a Department under Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Nepal, issues passports to Nepalese citizens and Travel Documents to legally eligible persons in accordance with the Passport Act 2076, Passport Rules 2067, Passport Directives 2067, ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and other relevant government rules and regulations.

The ePayment allows for an applicant willing to obtain the MRP from the Department of Passports to pay the revenue for the service.Please note that the payment can be made only after the pre-enrollment application form is filled and it may take certain time (upto 5 minutes) to initiate the payment procedure via our portal after the pre-enrollment application form is filled.

In order to make the revenue payment, it is mandatory to generate the Request Code from the RMIS (Revenue Management Information System) which will be done via our ePayment portal.The Payment is made through the same request code under the payment system operator (connectIPS).

Once the payment is submitted, two copies of the paid voucher need to be printed for submission physically. These printed vouchers are important and have to be submitted along with other necessary documents to the enrollment station. If the printouts are lost, the applicant needs to re-print the paid vouchers.

Please confirm the amount of revenue the applicant needs to pay for the service type which are clearly stated in the Online Payment Documentation and can also be found on the official website of the Department of Passports https://nepalpassport.gov.np .

Please note that once the payment is made and the amount is deposited as revenue, the process cannot be undone and the amount cannot be refunded. In addition, the Payment System Operator may charge applicable fee from the applicant in addition to the designated passport fees.

Also note that the online payment is applicable only for the expedited service. Applicants who choose to apply for regular service via District Administration Office should not make online payment.

Please make sure that your payment is directed towards the right destination i.e. revenue account of the Department.